Underground Bin System

An underground bin system refers to a system of underground containers that are used for the collection and storage of waste materials. These containers are typically placed below the ground level with the facility of intake bin above the ground to receive the waste. The waste is finally store below the ground level and away from vision of public. They are designed to be watertight to prevent odours and leakagewhn the garbage container is full it is brought to the ground level by a special arrangement provide in garbage truck. The containers are brought near truck and unloaded in the garbage truck in conventional manner and empty container is again placed inside the system which will go below the ground using hydraulic system.


Skip Loader Mini Compactor

This is an innovative which has converted convention skip container into the compacted container. The Unit is having one stationary part with hydraulic power pack and operates on electric supply. A specially designed skip type container is attached to this compaction unit. The garbage is deposited in compaction unit which is hydraulically transferred and compacted in skip container. Once the container is full it is detached from the compaction unit and lifted by skip vehicle and transported to disposal site. And empty skip container is to attach to compaction unit.


Waste Shredder

A Shredder is a machine used to break down materials for various applications such as recycling, volume reduction, and product destruction. Shredders come in many different sizes and design variations based on what particle size is needed for final shredded product.

The Shredder is commonly used to process materials into different sizes for separation or to reduce the cost of transport. Waste materials such as municipal solid waste, Household waste, Market waste are shredded in treatment and disposal systems.


Transfer Station

The transfer station is a key component of cost-effective solid waste transportation. By transferring waste from local collection vehicles onto larger trailers or other transport modes such as barge and rail, the cost of transportation to distant disposal sites can be significantly reduced, freeing collection-specific vehicles and crews to devote their time to actual collection activities.

Our new transfer station is designed to create an enclosed garbage zone which can collect segregated waste in an enclosed container and stop open dumping. This addresses the issue of smell by compacting the solid waste in a closed container, making it moisture free and allowing the leachate to drain for treatment. And, it creates a healthy zone by handling the waste in a mechanized way, with no manual touch.



The Refuse Compactor Vehicles are the solid waste collection equipment designed for lifting and unloading the garbage from garbage bins/containers, compaction transportation to dumping ground/transfer stations/processing plants. The Refuse compactor are having container volume of 8 Cu.m., 14 Cu.m. & 18 Cu.m. mounted on standard truck chassis of 11/16/25 Ton GVW Truck Chassis.

All the three Compactors are fitted with Universal Bin Lifter capable of unloading garbage from 120 Ltrs, 240 Ltrs, 660 Ltrs and 1100 Ltrs. Bins. The Compactors of 14 Cu.m. & 18 Cu.m. container volume are also provided with Dumper Placer Arms and Stabilizers which can unload garbage from 3500 ltrs. Bins.

Refuse Compactor, with all inbuilt Imported PLCs and relays with Automatic Button on Either side of vehicle to easy run of Compaction mechanism.

Stationery Compactor (Trailer Mounted)

Compactor (Floor Mounted)


Litter Bins

A waste container, also known as a dustbin, garbage can and trash can is a type of container that is usually made out of metal or plastic. MESIPL offered bins available in different sizes as per the demands of our clients. Moreover, our clients can avail these bins from us at most affordable prices.

1100 Ltrs Bins

120 / 240 Ltrs Bins