Solid Waste Management

All of us are waste producers. We are doing dozens of activities to maintain our lives which end up with waste generation that needs to be disposed. We are throwing our waste into containers and after that a long and complex process is starts i.e collection, transportation, disposal and treatment, that is municipal solid waste management.

MESIPL knows how important it is to help municipalities to reach operational excellence in municipal solid waste management. Municipalities are dealing with a huge volume of waste and for this reason the help of advanced technologies for tracking, controlling, analyzing and reporting the waste management processes are crucial. Especially with the rise of smart city plans, the need for smart waste management increased dramatically and in order for you to keep up with this new trend we are providing solutions for you!

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Liquid Treatment

We are a water treatment facility that can provide you with effective and ethical treatment processing. Our wastewater treatment team develop customised treatment process solutions that are tailored to both meet customers’ demands and facilitate sustainable wastewater treatment practices. Our water treatment facilities have the latest technology to ensure wastewater is properly treated, and debris are safely removed from the water and disposed of and sent to a Suitable landfill.

Waste water or sewage that are generated from a home or community including toilet, bath, laundry, lavatory, and kitchen- sink wastes, and surface run off may be classified into four. These are: 1. Sanitary sewage 2. Industrial sewage 3. Storm sewage or 4. Mixed sewage (a mixture of all).

Why treatment? Before discharging wastewater back into the environment and the natural hydrologic cycle, it is necessary to provide some degree of treatment in order to protect public health and environmental quality.

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Our continual exposure to air pollutants is responsible for the deterioration of human health. Air pollution is indeed a significant risk factor for human health conditions, causing allergies, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as lung damage.

MESIPL is India’s leading environmental consultancy that offers environmental-related turnkey solutions for overall pollution abatement in the field of Air and Noise. MESIPL had a strong team of Engineers and Consultants having vast experience in custom designing dust collectors for controlling different types of flying dust particles.

Different dusts from different process under different environment possess different properties. Some dusts will be conductive, some are explosive, some are sticky, some dusts are more abrasive in nature, some are so minute less than PM2.5 that can even pass through our lungs and get into blood stream. Designing a dust collection system to your specific process needs lots of experience, process understanding & problem-solving skills.

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Don’t make a waste that nature can’t digest